How are Camur eco-friendly glamping units made?

I will try to explain to you in a simple way how it’s made. Each unit is designed in such a way that the basic four segments (roof, interior wall, exterior wall and floor) are produced by a skeletal construction system. We use solid wood and strong supports that stand on their own and do not need extra support. The layout of the walls contributes to additional stability, insulation and earthquake safety.

Construction – how it’s made

The base consists of walls made of wooden frames, which are also supporting elements. The frames are coated on both sides with three-ply wooden panels, which offers excellent thermal insulation, fire protection and external climatic influences. Due to the wooden windows and natural materials in the composition, special ventilation is not necessary in Camur eco-friendly glamping units.

Such a unique wooden construction system allows for high sustainability and energy efficiency in the long run, making it possible to stay in Camur eco-friendly glamping units throughout the year.



The point is Sustainability and how it’s made