Time to rest by Camur

We work. More and more. Whoever works, deserves rest and enjoyment. This is a fact that we hold and carry on from history. But do we really stick to the extent it belongs to us? One more, the other less, but everyone should have more.

30 years ago, people knew better how to enjoy themselves. More stress-free. It is true, however, that awareness of better rest, enjoyment and holiday is raising. With the burden and exhaustion, we got so far that we want holidays more than ever before: more comfortable and healthier. The beginning of comfort and health, however, is the place where we enjoy, have a holiday and after all, also live.

That is why I combined the energy of nature into the products that I connected with the needs of today’s man.

To experience what you need. That’s about Camur beliefs.

Klemen Vuica
head of the company and owner of the Camur brand

Camur is Looking forward

About Camur Values

In business system, we set priorities. Among the values are certainly health, positive attitude, innovation, good interpersonal relations, education, clear communication, consistency, respect among employees, committed and serious work, sports, fun and entertainment. 

About Camur Vision

We are building a company that will become a respected European producer of eco-friendly glamping units with high standards.
Provide smooth service and quick response to customer. Mass production is not in Camur interest, we tend to prefer to constant satisfaction.

About Camur Mission

Supernatural products.
Our main task is to create superior facilities for tourism, garden, leisure and entertainment. Functionality, quality of natural materials and workmanship are of primary importance. When all this is aligned with the design, the product is ready for customers with advanced technological and ecological view of life.

About Green power

Humans have an inherited biological need to connect with nature

The decision to offer wooden mobile objects on the market in 2013, which will serve both tourism and living, proved to be successful. We are pleased that we have begun to plow the ground and thus encourage people to think that natural materials need to be introduced into mobile facilities as well. They provide positive energy and enable us to live a better life.

That is why we at Camur can continue to model other manufacturers with pride and pure conscience.

To maintain and continue respect for nature and man, we adhere to high nature conservation standards: