How to become the owner
of a glamping villa CAMUR?

Since we all don’t want to waste too much time with boring reading and commercial promises, I will explain to you in a simple and short way how to become the owner of an eco glamping villa Camur in boutique glamping on Croatian coast:

First of all, it is important that you decide to have your glamping villa somewhere by the sea. The next step is to have at least € 55,000 + VAT ready for this investment. If the answer is ‘YES’, then go ahead.

I promised not to be long-winded, but to be practical – so, I end with an introduction and prefer to show you in a transparent way how to after fulfilling the above-mentioned conditions own a glamping villa :


Meet us and eco glamping villas Camur from web page, choose the right one for you and also your place on the plot.


We edit the offer, review the contract and sign for your private freedom or business opportunity.


Now it’s our turn. We deliver, set up and hand over the keys to your glamping villa Camur. Let your new lifestyle begins!

Since there are currently only two providers in Slovenia that offer this type of accommodation, luxury locations and a similar business model, I believe that the choice will be easier for you. 

I wish you an exciting exploration of boutique resort and Camur glamping units.

Enjoy your glamping villa
and make a profit

  • Passive income
  • Rental guarantee program
  • Monetize your holiday home
  • Buy the house, lease the land
  • No booking hustle
  • Local support
  • Guaranteed income
  •  Joint venture project
  • Circle of investors
  • Automated booking marketing strategy

business opportunity

ROI 5 years

  • Ride the rising investment wave in green tourism
  • Save on costs for your vacation
  • Get unlimited usage of the house when available
  • Plan last minute weekend escapes without booking hustle
  • Celebrate summer with your family and friends in hidden gems of Croatia
  • Make a statement with your CAMUR sustainable glamping villa
  • Join CAMUR ever growing family circle

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